Mac unfriendly Consumer Reports says buy AppleCare

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Does anyone else want to scream every time they read Consumer Reports "coverage" of the Macintosh? As a long time subscriber and true believer in the mission of Consumer Reports, I do—though granted, it's not so bad the last few years since the iPod set conventional wisdom on its ear. I still get steamed at pretty much every bas-akwards Mac vs PC article Consumer Reports publishes. They invariably choose to compare Apples to oranges (Dells, Gateways etc) in a way that makes Macs look under-powered and overpriced. I like to believe it's more an expression of ignorance than of bias, since other magazines, most notable Business Week, are beginning to get the Mac's value proposition right.

This month, Consumer Reports recommends that you buy AppleCare. Their reasoning? Because you only get 90 days of phone technical support.

Of all the reasons I can think of to buy AppleCare, this has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Short of people who have never seen a computer—I've met a few—do you know anyone who needs more than 90 days of phone support for a Mac? Okay, maybe my 70 year old mother does. Last I looked, the hardware warranty was a solid year. And if you have a hardware problem, Apple techs can be persuaded to help you trouble shoot it on the phone at no charge 90 days or no (at least if you're remotely persuasive).

Are Consumer Reports readers just bigger doofusses than we are?


So what do I think? You had to know I was going to tell you what I think. In my 18 years of Mac ownership, I've had little use for AppleCare. For desktop hardware, it's overkill. Most of what is going to fail is going to fail within a year. There are exceptions, but I've never personally experienced a hardware failure outside the first year. Your mileage may vary, but I agree with Consumer Reports that extended warrantys are mostly overpriced and under-serviced.

Laptops are a whole 'nother story. I bought my first Apple laptop in 2000 and didn't get AppleCare. I had it die just within 3 years exactly at a time of great financial hardship. I had a friend give me an old Powerbook because I was too broke to buy a replacement (incidentally, said friend is now an Apple employee and was the person who told me about this job). His old laptop was just out of AppleCare and had a mishap almost as soon as I got it and then proceeded to have the screen die at just about age 4. On my next laptop I bought AppleCare and you won't find me buying a laptop without it ever again. Though sometimes, I'll buy it just before the first year's hardware warranty is up. Laptops take an awful beating if you're the mobile sort. There's so much that can go wrong with a laptop that a little Murphy's Law protection isn't amiss.

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