Rabbit-ears for your Mac (Americans need not apply)

Written by admin on 08/09/2019 Categories: 杭州夜生活

Today, I came home from being a poll pest—that's precinct captain—to an exciting announcement from Elgato, makers of the EyeTV line of TV tuners for the Mac. It's for the EyeTV Diversity.HangZhou Night Net

And at first, I was really puzzled. What exactly is the EyeTV Diversity? Call me curmudgeonly, but I really dislike when I can't figure out what a product does from the first few lines of sales copy. So I dug down and all I got was alphabet soup: DTT and DVB-T with no definitions on what those are. But looking at the picture, I realized that all this excitement is about a pair of high tech rabbit-ears. Yes, rabbit-ears. In fact, if Captain Kirk had rabbit ears for his inter-gallactic TV, they would probably look like the EyeTV Diversity.

So now that we know what the EyeTV Diversity is, there's good news and bad news. The good news is: the EyeTV Diversity is a sexy little USB 2.0 dual TV tuner that gets signal inside and when you're moving around. It delivers regular TV signal on G4s and delivers 720p and 1080i HDTV on dual-G5s and Intel Macs. The bad news is that it only supports DTT (Digital Terrestrian Television) and DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast-Television), which is mostly used in outside of North America. The US uses the ATSC standard. If you're still confused, here's a nice primer. So, what we have is a really nifty gadget, that can't be used in the US.

Please, someone lend me a container for my joy.

No, really, I'm happy for all the non-US, non-Canadian, non-Mexican readers that will actually have a chance to use this neato pair of rabbit ears. You Americans who aren't watching TV on your Macs, don't forget to vote er, Happy Election Day.

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